About Us

MINE2HODL, LLC is an established Limited Liability Company (LLC), registered in California, United States.

Michael B. Stevenson II and Marco Mendoza began MINE2HODL, LLC in 2020 (also referred to as “Mine2Hodl”) and are focused on decentralized hosting solutions.

Mine2Hodl’s  facilities and operations provide the physical infrastructure and network backbone to enable millions of secure, quick, and low-cost transactions of decentralized networks for millions of cryptocurrency users and customers worldwide.

To support demand and business growth plans, we have built a 2100sq ft. building in  Iowa, United States.


“To cultivate a global community of like-minded companies that live to decentralize the world around us.”

At MINE2HODL, LLC in everything we do, we believe in inspiring for a better place and being role models to other entrepreneurs by working hard, connecting with our userbase, minimizing the impact on the environment, and investing back into the local communities.


“Lifelong mission to advance the adoption and mass usage of decentralized networks”

MINE2HODL, LLC provides superior data mining services that mining networks and online communities willingly recommend to colleagues. As a result, our employees are proud to be part of the team, and funding partners gain from sustainable returns for the long term.

Meet Our Team

Marco Mendoza, Co-Founder

Marco Mendoza is a journeyman electrician certified by the state of California. Marco has six years in the industry working for some of the largest electrical contractors in San Diego, CA.

Marco plans to temporarily move to Iowa in 2022 to support the construction works of the facility.

Electricity and mining go hand in hand, giving him the advantage of understanding and applying his knowledge to this field. With 6 years of crypto experience under his belt, he has successfully built and scaled the business to run efficiently and maximize earnings to its full potential.

Michael B. Stevenson II, Co-Founder

Michael B. Stevenson II is a utility-scale solar project manager and entrepreneur living in Beaumont, California, and has plans to move to Texas in Q1 2022.

Michael has a B.S. in Construction Engineering Management from Long Beach State and now works as a PM with just under nine years of solar experience. As a PM, Michael has overseen and managed the construction of over (1) gigawatt of solar and has led project teams that generated an additional $25 million in revenue above baseline projections over the last three years. Michael also spearheaded the development of a landmark solar construction app, Sunscreen, which revolutionized construction progress tracking and quality control in the solar industry. The app has a current market value of over $2.5 million and has allowed the parent company to achieve and maintain a ranking of #1 utility-scale solar contractors in North America.

Michael’s love for construction, technology, and business are the fundamental interests that laid the foundation of his desire to understand and become part of the crypto industry. An in-depth understanding of the monetary benefits of increasingly efficient processes showed Michael how the efficiency, speed, security, low fee structure, and volume of decentralized networks/protocols would revolutionize the modern world as we know it.